Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Goodbye Brown Ombre Border Tiles - Bathroom Update

The bathroom isn't my dream freestanding tub with white tiles and grey grout but it is most definitely not offensive either. The tiling had been done to a really high standard so to plan to rip it out would have been a silly spend that right now we can't afford. However those green and brown ombre tiles that accented the large cream ones just had to go. We used Ronseal tile paint and only needed the 250ml pot to do the border and accent tiles. The tiny pot cost £8 which seemed pretty steep at the time but the difference it has made has completely changed the bathroom. It's really fiddly to line up the masking tape around each tile but very satisfying to overhaul something that would otherwise involve a very expensive tiling job.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

The ugly but necessary gas meter cupboard.

Whilst waiting for our sofa it was definitely time to tackle the mammoth amount of wallpaper and ugliness that was our hallway and stairs. The worst part for me was this yellow wood cupboard that had been used to sit a landline telephone on. We knocked chunks out of it, filled them, sanded it to an inch of it's life then painted it white. We found these little copper knobs in H&M whilst on a city break in Lisbon and they finished it off just perfectly.

Monday, 8 February 2016

Why did someone put carpet in the bathroom?

When we were searching for a house I was so surprised at how many homes had carpet in the bathroom and it became a running joke as it's something I'd never even thought of before nosying around many other homes. Of course the house we ended up buying came with a gorgeous green carpet in bathroom - why?! So it was high on the list to rip out and replace once we had the keys. However decorating an entire house is pretty much like turning money into water - it was literally running away from us but it was a job we wanted to tackle ASAP. As the bathroom is small and I wasn't too fussed on what floor replaced it we searched out a vinyl off cut to fit the space. We eventually found a piece that worked with the dimensions for just £21 in Carpet Barn. So happy with it - it might not be our forever floor but it has completely lifted the room for now and has a reassuring sense of being hygienic that you just can't put a value on!

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Project Lounge Part 1: Flooring, Skirting & Walls

We started the lounge before we even moved our stuff in as so much needed to be done to make it a place we could sit and relax in every night. With the floor and paint bought a few hours before getting the keys we set to work. In two days we turned the horrible yellow walls to a beautiful shade of 'cornflower white.' My house may well soon be painted every shade from the Dulux hints range. We stripped the skirting and carpet out as both had chunks missing due to an odd fireplace/ TV configuration the last owner had installed. We went for a high skirting board in a satin white gloss with this beautiful wide plank grey wood effect laminate from B&Q. We added some softness back into the floor with this thick knit rug which I am crazy in love with. I'm so happy with the foundation for this room it's made buying furniture, lighting and a sofa so much easier. Once our sofa finally gets delivered in a few weeks I'll share the final full room. 

Friday, 5 February 2016

From the beginning ...

After moving back home for 14 months, we bought and moved into our very first home in December 2015. It's more of a project than we ever initially planned on buying and each weekend we're getting more and more little projects completed so this is a place for us to save the before/ and after's so we can look back on the journey. It's also going to be much easier to show family and friends rather than scrolling through our phone's at the original images then scrolling all the way back down to show the now. I also need to massively save some memory on my phone so getting the hundreds of photo's off of it and onto here will be fabulous.

Everything is being done on a small budget month by month and Pinterest is most viewed website - so let's begin with the right move pictures that enticed us to the open day. Luckily we had a vision ...