Sunday, 7 February 2016

Project Lounge Part 1: Flooring, Skirting & Walls

We started the lounge before we even moved our stuff in as so much needed to be done to make it a place we could sit and relax in every night. With the floor and paint bought a few hours before getting the keys we set to work. In two days we turned the horrible yellow walls to a beautiful shade of 'cornflower white.' My house may well soon be painted every shade from the Dulux hints range. We stripped the skirting and carpet out as both had chunks missing due to an odd fireplace/ TV configuration the last owner had installed. We went for a high skirting board in a satin white gloss with this beautiful wide plank grey wood effect laminate from B&Q. We added some softness back into the floor with this thick knit rug which I am crazy in love with. I'm so happy with the foundation for this room it's made buying furniture, lighting and a sofa so much easier. Once our sofa finally gets delivered in a few weeks I'll share the final full room. 

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