Monday, 8 February 2016

Why did someone put carpet in the bathroom?

When we were searching for a house I was so surprised at how many homes had carpet in the bathroom and it became a running joke as it's something I'd never even thought of before nosying around many other homes. Of course the house we ended up buying came with a gorgeous green carpet in bathroom - why?! So it was high on the list to rip out and replace once we had the keys. However decorating an entire house is pretty much like turning money into water - it was literally running away from us but it was a job we wanted to tackle ASAP. As the bathroom is small and I wasn't too fussed on what floor replaced it we searched out a vinyl off cut to fit the space. We eventually found a piece that worked with the dimensions for just £21 in Carpet Barn. So happy with it - it might not be our forever floor but it has completely lifted the room for now and has a reassuring sense of being hygienic that you just can't put a value on!

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