Sunday, 10 April 2016

10th April 2015 - Weekend Achievements

This weekend has gone way too fast. We were hoping it was going to be sunnier than it has been as we'd planned an entire weekend of gardening activities. It did however rain most of yesterday so amongst sprinting to bring the mass of washing I tried to complete we also did all of the below little tasks. 
  1. My new Peony bush has been planted in the centre of the front lawn. We've had to put a little fence around it for now as apparently a circle of dirt in the middle of the lawn screams 'cats come and dig me' 
  2. the main job we wanted to complete this weekend was digging out all of the flower beds around the garden - unfortunately the sheer amount of it and the rain have stopped us from completing but this is a before picture to remember just how many weeds we actually have 
  3. My cocktail garden is finally starting to flourish! I've loved growing these so far and my lime basil is looking just perfectly green ready to be planted out next weekend. 
  4. Finally we hung our new bug hotel behind the vegetable patch. Bee's we are so ready for you. 

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