Friday, 27 May 2016

£10 Second Bedroom 'for now' Transformation

We had no real intention of doing anything with the second bedroom this year but with a new bed being delivered our old one needed to be moved in and it seemed like an easier plan to paint it before putting all the furniture in. I picked up a tub of 'pistachio whip' by Dulux from B&Q for just £10 as the range it's in was being discontinued. One of my mum's friends gave us some curtains which helped lose the old lady chic the room previously had. It took ages to sand down the walls the previous owners must have just thrown tubs of paint at the walls as the amount of drip marks covering the room was unbelievable. It's definitely not a forever transformation but I'm happy we've been able to freshen it up and have it looking a little more presentable for guests before we properly rip out the sliding wardrobe doors and create something more us. 

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