Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Dressing Room/ Spare Bedroom Mood Board

I've always had a little thing about coral. When I was 13 a good friend bought me a coral vest top from Topshop and I lived in it. Sometimes I used to wear it with a matching coral rara skirt haha quite the style statement. Anyways what I'm getting at is it's always a colour that's had a place in my heart. 

Now at the age of 26 I've been told I can decorate the third bedroom which is also my dressing room however I want. I quote 'you go wild Georgina I really don't mind what you do in there.' Que a room full of bright corals, golds and glitter. There might even by a flamingo or two thrown in for good measure. I haven't quite pinned down if I want a more tropical or Moroccan vibe yet but below is my current mood board on the wall. I'm building in a single bed too and I just want it to be the most fun place for people to stay. Imagine waking up in the morning to a wall of flamingo's or elephants - you couldn't not have a good day after that. 

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