Wednesday, 1 June 2016

The Lounge Picture Shelf

I've had this shelf up for about 3 months and have spent more hour on not on the high street trying to find prints I like than I care to remember. We toyed around with having a quote up but nothing really worked for the lounge and the more we looked at ones we liked they became a little bit cringey the more we read them. In the end I looked up some geometric patterns on google and just edited in a blue that matches my footstool so they matched and printed them out myself. They're definitely not the final pieces I want in those frames but I think they work pretty nicely for now. It's nice to not have empty frames on the shelf that's for sure. I made the mirror myself using an off cut of bronze mirror and cut up mosaic tiles from B&Q superglued on. I'm so glad we chose a picture shelf and didn't hang them directly on the wall as I love that I can change them up whenever I get bored or add some smaller prints when I find some I love. 

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