Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Upcycling Grandad's Cabinet from 1950

This post doesn't need much text the up-cycling project below speaks for itself. I used Rustoleum chalk paint in Winter Grey all over the frame and a couple of Valspar testers on the drawers all finished with Rustoleum furniture wax. I'm so happy with the finish it's the perfect size to finish off the lounge and it fits in perfectly with the colours we already have. I was inspired by Oliver Bonas storage furniture to put this together but did so on a much cheaper budget. 

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Walnut to White - £36 Kitchen Cabinet Update

I hated the walnut kitchen this house came with from day one however when we costed up the kitchen of our dreams we quickly realised that was a few years down the line. The units & doors themselves were relatively new so we decided instead of just dealing with them and hating our kitchen a lick of paint could be an amazing plan. 

Using the V33 renovation paint for kitchen cupboards we took to painting all 12 doors with the paint. It did take a good 5 coats to get rid of the walnut and if I did it again I'd use a normal a primer to offset the dark tones of the wood before using this paint as the top coats. However for £36 and a days work it's been the biggest change we've done our entire kitchen is brighter and now something I can live with for many years. 

Sunday, 21 August 2016

The Most Perfect Of Lounge Lightshades.

A little post solely for my wonderful lampshade. I've had my eye on this for the last year or so but couldn't justify the price tag when we have so much else to pay for. However my little family came up trumps on my birthday this year and bought it for me. The Made Hue lampshade is the perfect size and finish for my lounge. It's the perfect last puzzle piece to my little grey & copper lounge.

Friday, 19 August 2016

What would Beyonce do?

I've made it my mission in the second half of this year to add photo's and art to our house that represents us completely. So it's not just a little house full of pretty things but a house that says something about us and has pieces throughout that can't help but make us smile. I've been trawling etsy & not on the high street for months trying to find the right pieces but didn't just want standard quotes adorning my walls. 

So I've been making my own. This frame was £2 from Ikea and I just photoshopped the quote onto a picture of peonies and magically I have the exact quote & style my dressing space needed. I love it. What better way to start a day than asking yourself 'what would Beyonce do?' every single morning?! 

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Garden Wall Clean Up

A little weekend project to clean up our garden walls has transformed the entrance to our outside space. We chose the B&Q Colours Masonry Paint in Oakwood Grey to give it a new lick of colour. We used a pressure washer to clean up most of the wall getting rid of moss & flaking old paint to have a smooth surface to paint. Once dry it only took a couple of coats to get a really good covering & finish.