Thursday, 1 September 2016

Cupboard to Open Shelves Transformation

As mentioned before we won't be able to properly re-do our kitchen for a few years so I've been trying to think of ways that will make it feel fresh and light without costing the earth. I really didn't like these glass display cabinets at all - they narrow the entrance to the house at the back and were extremely dark and dated. I set about taking them down a month or so ago to find behind them a horrible display of wiring and holes in the wall. In the end the entire wall needed recovering and smoothing out so the little job turned into one that went over a few weekends leaving our entire kitchen in a mess. Eventually though we did get up some white shelves & brackets from B&Q and a little hanging rail from Ikea. I didn't realise quite how much storage the cupboards provided so I have had to add in some small metal shelves on the counter top for everyday glasses. I'm so happy with it - it freshens up the entire space and now gives us room to use the island properly removing all of the clutter we had on it. 

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