Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Kitchen Snippets - November 2016

1. This marble utensil is just life. It was a crazily extravagant purchase but I had a 20% off code and a gift card so it was free right? If you want to be equally as ridiculous it can be found at Marks & Spencer for £35

2. I picked these up for £1 each in a clearance sale at Homebase. I have lots that say tea on them too - it's made me a little OCD about people having tea in mugs that say coffee on them and vice versa I love them. 

3. Just a little recording of the time my wine rack actually had lots of wine in it ;) 

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Pineapple Cilantro Yankee Candle

I came across this beautiful candle in my local Yankee shop and fell in love at first sniff. It's made it's way solidly into my top five candle scents. I'm sad I've discovered in the depths of Autumn but excited to bust this out again next Spring. It is a gorgeous very authentic pineapple scent which I can't recommend enough. 

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Ogilvy Ceiling Light -

For some reason all the light fittings in the bedrooms of this house aren't placed in the middle of the room they're neatly placed by the window :/ Without wanting too fill and move the fitting I was on the hunt for a light that that could fit into the existing socket but travel the length of the room a little too. In soft grey & copper it was no surprise the Ogilvy range from was on my wishlist. However this light just ticked all my lighting needs for our main bedroom. We now have a little feature light over the bed and the light is in the middle of the room so you can actually see into the wardrobe. 

None of my photo's can do this light justice as the layout of our room means you just can't get it all in shot properly (the curtain rail also needs to be changed). If you want to see if in all it's glory check out the product page on

Monday, 21 November 2016

A space to play dress up

I have a large 'collection' of make-up and beauty products so having a space to store them neatly was pretty high up on the list of needs for the house. I had simple requirements - lots of storage, simple & white. Turns out if you call a desk a dressing table it doubles in price. So I opted for a desk set up from Ikea that had more than enough storage for my many many face creams & cans of hairspray. Teaming it with a gold framed hexagonal mirror hung on the wall to optimise the space ties it into the rest of the house. A gold close up mirror & miniature bin is on my Christmas list to finish it off completely. 

Sunday, 20 November 2016

A Flamingo Feature Wall

So the 'you can literally do anything in there Georgina I don't care' left me with many months of deliberating over just how far I could take it. I started with this idea of having a full bird print all over the wall, toyed with peacocks & parrots, then fell in love with some beautiful Matthew Williamson papers too and the idea of having a gold wall came into play. However after realising we weren't sure on the long term plan for the room I went back to my first and cheapest love - The Flamingo

In a house full of blues & grey's it did seem like a fun room to stick a bit of coral in so we went with it. Only needing one roll this beautiful wall cost just £19. It was my first time wallpapering and the thick, foamy, textured nature of this paper made it a breeze. My dressing table and mirror are opposite this wall and no matter how cold it is on a Monday morning catching a glimpse of this wall in my mirror can't help but give you a smile. 

We're currently working on building in a single bed within this room and I literally can't wait to have friends stay in it. It's so so much fun. 

Second Moodboard. 

Final wall - Love.