Sunday, 20 November 2016

A Flamingo Feature Wall

So the 'you can literally do anything in there Georgina I don't care' left me with many months of deliberating over just how far I could take it. I started with this idea of having a full bird print all over the wall, toyed with peacocks & parrots, then fell in love with some beautiful Matthew Williamson papers too and the idea of having a gold wall came into play. However after realising we weren't sure on the long term plan for the room I went back to my first and cheapest love - The Flamingo

In a house full of blues & grey's it did seem like a fun room to stick a bit of coral in so we went with it. Only needing one roll this beautiful wall cost just £19. It was my first time wallpapering and the thick, foamy, textured nature of this paper made it a breeze. My dressing table and mirror are opposite this wall and no matter how cold it is on a Monday morning catching a glimpse of this wall in my mirror can't help but give you a smile. 

We're currently working on building in a single bed within this room and I literally can't wait to have friends stay in it. It's so so much fun. 

Second Moodboard. 

Final wall - Love. 

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