Friday, 30 December 2016

Christmas Decorations 2016

I meant to get this up when we decorated at the beginning of December but I have no idea where time has gone this month. My Christmas theme was a mixture of golds & champagnes in the lounge with cuter reds & white throughout the hall. I had a large real tree in the lounge bought from B&Q that has dropped very little all through the month and is only just starting to look a bit droopy now. I paired it with lots of champagnes, golds & glitters from a mixture of places mostly B&Q for the more standard baubles then places like John Lewis & Home Sense for a few stand out decorations. 

I popped 5ft artificial tree at the top of the stairs covered in felt nordic & knitted decorations again from a variety of places I've collected over the years but mainly Sainsburys, B&Q and again Home Sense for this theme. We popped warm white icicle lights around the front porch/ conservatory. I honestly don't want to take these down I think our house will look so boring without the little twinkles on the drive up the road. 

Thursday, 29 December 2016

Christmas Wrap 2016

Before the year is out I wanted to do a few post Christmas write ups so I have something to look back on next year. This year's Christmas wrap theme was ever so simple but I love brown kraft paper. This year I added some gold glitter sticky tape, brown tags and cork Merry Christmas badges. I also picked up the cutest little wooden snowflake stickers from Sainsbury's to finish off each present. 

Friday, 23 December 2016

Merry Christmas, Love The Bliglens

Marking one year in our first home & time to start celebrating our favorite time of the year. What better way to mark it than a post featuring our first and very own personalised Christmas cards. 

Merry Christmas 

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Kitchen Stool Upcycle & Transformation

We inherited the brownest stools ever to be made earlier this year. However brown they were they are incredibly sturdy and made by my Grandad many decades ago so it seemed fitting to give them a little uplift whilst adding extra seating in our kitchen. 

These were so simple to do I simply removed the pads from the base painted them all white. Using a pair of discounted curtains from B&Q I covered the existing seat pads securing in place with upholstery nails. They are absolutely perfect - the small size means they fit in the corner when not used neatly and discreetly but are really comfy additions for people to sit on when we have lots of people over. 

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

We are allotment owners!

We've got ourselves an allotment. It's horrendously unloved so here's a few before's while we try and dig out what we can before winter kicks in. 

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Re-rendering The Front Of Our House

I annoyingly didn't take any pictures close up of how bad the plaster was before but the rendering on the front of our home wasn't going to last another winter. Being the most expensive job we've planned & completed it took us over 6 months to find someone to do it and get the job going. The first image below is just from when we bought it - what you can't really see is the plaster flaking off the million holes all over it from where I can only imagine the previous owner had an extravagant Christmas light display at some point. 

I could have never imagined before starting this how many different types of render, primer & finishing compounds :$ you could buy for the outside of your house. After debating KRend, concrete boarding amongst others we opted for a good old fashioned sand & cement mix. We decided to ask for the scaffolding to be left up and painted it ourselves afterwards to save some pennies. We finished it in Sandtex Plymouth Grey. Massive lack of colour choice within the external paint market so it was inevitably going to be grey. I might have spent weeks picking which shade of grey but that's just normal behavior from me these days. 

The fear of heavy rain whilst the front of your house is exposed is huge but I'm glad we did it - finally the front of our house isn't letting us down and reflects what's inside a little more.