Saturday, 28 January 2017

Spare Room Shelfie - WIP

I weirdly love coming across a beautifully displayed shelf. I actually have an entire pinterest board dedicated to beautiful shelves. This is a work in progress amongst my Flamingo spare bed room. I have a gold, marble & white theme which I wanted to continue in the shelving. I didn't particularly need a shelf in this space but I did need to break up a large space of white wall and definitely didn't need another mirror in there. I spray painted some classic wooden shelf brackets gold and placed a standard white shelf board from B&Q on top of it. I haven't bought anything for it yet as I'm not sure what it's final use will be so I placed some off cuts of the wall paper in frames to balance it out. Some marble vinyl in an A3 frame behind some trinkets I had lying around. 

It's a work in progress as I'd like to place from frames on the wall behind it and bring in some small mirrored items in front to add depth but I'm happy with it for now. 

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