Sunday, 5 March 2017

Be gone yellow hallway carpet - hello new floor!

You see that sneaky bit of yellow carpet on the bottom of the stairs there - that beauty was all over my hallway floor. I hated it. Operation destroy it has commenced. Luckily Steve is between jobs and has a little time off as we've been putting it off for months due to the many corners & indents that needed to be cut out of the flooring to make it perfect. I am so happy with the final result though it's completely opened up the space. Now we just need to find the perfect carpet to get it ripped off the stairs & finally all be gone from our house. I also need to find a floor trim that matches the tone of this floor to finish it off perfectly post carpet lay. So happy it's freshened it up so much and really made all the hard work we put into to painting this space feel a little more worthwhile. 

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