Saturday, 29 April 2017

Wine Glass Rack

I whole heartedly stole the idea for this wine glass rack from staring at my friend's adoringly during many a dinner party. When I decided I wanted my glasses on open shelves and ripped out the wall cabinets that were in their place I underestimated how many types of glasses I actually have. Having different glasses for white wine, red wine, prosecco, margarita & martini left me with little space to actually put the glasses we drink out of on a regular basis. 

This wine rack is the perfect solution. Hanging my glasses upside down means they don't collect dust which is perfect for their infrequent use. I picked this one up from the John Lewis website for £35

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Falling in love with a pressure washer.

It really hit me last month that I'm really quite old these days. It was end of year bonus month and I always make sure I treat myself to something I really want each year. Previously it's been an eye shadow palette I really wanted or the posh skin care range I haven't been able to justify before.

This year at the wise old age of 27 I treated myself to a Karcher pressure washer. I am in love. 

I've pressure washed everything I can although I'm saving the little patio at the back of the house for a really sunny day. The difference it makes it unbelievable this is without any chemicals just the water. I guess this post is really to remind my older self of the year I got old - because it's happened I'm officially delighted with my pressure washer.