Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Repainting the hallway

We've finally pulled some money together to re-carpet the stairs. I don't particularly like carpet so I knew choosing one wouldn't be easy. However finding one I like that coordinated with the mid-toned blue grey on my hallway walls is near impossible. What's the answer to that - ooo yeah standardly paint tester pots all over the wall and re-paint it. To be honest I've fallen out of love with the colour we chose for the hall anyways and I do wish we'd chosen something much fresher. So this is the current state of my hallway. Each time I walk past I'll be removing ones that don't quite work hoping to whittle it down to the final colour choice. If I'm completely honest some of the colours on the wall aren't in the running at all but the Valspar names made me giggle in the shop so they made it on the wall to add a little fun into choosing. 

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