Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Turning a Vegetable Bed into a Flower Bed

Last year we used the flower bed down the side of the garden for growing all of the courgettes. This year however we have an allotment so this side bed has taken a little thought to what we want to live here. I hate the wire fence that goes up the side of the garden but I do love the light it brings. We do want to create a little privacy too so decided on growing a selection of plants that will give as much coverage whilst looking beautiful all year round. 

We dug up the entire bed and removed all the weeds. We pressed down the soil then placed weed fabric on the top stapling it to the fence and border wood we've placed down. Placing in the rose bush & shrubs along the border and then covering in bark. 

I can't wait for the plants to really take hold - we've chosen different varieties that are all a mixture of greens & whites which will really look wonderful once grown. 

1 comment:

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